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Home & Office Clearing

Blessings & Cleansing for your Space

You’ve invested hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars purchasing a home. Do you really want to move into a previously occupied home or office with someone else’s energy still lingering in the air? Or if it’s a new construction, do you want to move your entire family into the vibes of the builders, construction workers and contractors that were walking all around?

You've taken time to clean or hire cleaners to cleanse out the dust, dirt and grime before you move in. Why wouldn’t you also clean out the energetic debris that’s left behind as a result of negative emotions, thoughts, occurrences and stresses?

Start fresh with your new living space in the right energy by hiring Heart Leaf to do an energy clearing and house blessing!

Some examples of great times to do a house clearing and home blessing are when:

  • You’ve just bought/rented/moved into a living space (house, lake house, beach house, town home, condo, etc.).

  • You’re trying to sell a home. If your home is having difficulty selling, perhaps there is some lingering dense/negative energy that is preventing potential buyers from feeling your home offers a sense of safety, secure, prosperity, happiness and enjoyment in your space.

  • You’ve been in your home for a while and the energy feels stagnant.

  • You feel odd energy in your home.

  • You’ve removed clutter. Clutter holds heavy, dense energy. When you remove it, you also need to clear the energetic imprint left behind.

  • There’s been a big argument. Do you want to keep living in that energy that’s so thick you can cut it with a knife?

  • There’s been a divorce.

  • A roommate or companion has moved out.

  • There has been an illness or death.

  • You’ve purchased an antique or second-hand item.

  • You’re looking for a unique gift for a newlywed couple.

  • You want to give your home a good energetic scrub-down to create a space of peace, love, harmony and healthy energy!

We provide everything that is needed for the home clearing and house blessing.

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